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Location:Haiyan, China
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Certificate:CE ISO9001 etc.
Terms of payment and delivery:pay 30% deposit before producing and70% balance against copy of documents
Minimum order quantity:500kg
Packing details:Packaging by bag or box
Delivery time:15~30days
Payment method: Common way is by T/T, L/C is also acceptable.

Recommended Products

  • 马车螺栓-14

    直径范围 (mm) : M5-M24,3/16-1' 长度范围(毫米) : 16-600,1''...
  • 马车螺栓-18

    直径范围 (mm) : M5-M24,3/16-1' 长度范围(毫米) : 16-600,1''...
  • 机械螺丝-4

    直径范围 (mm) : M2-M20,1/8-3/4 长度范围(毫米) : 3-300,1/2-12'
  • 机械螺丝-5

    直径范围 (mm) : M2-M20,1/8-3/4 长度范围(毫米) : 3-300,1/2-12'
  • 机械螺丝-7

    直径范围 (mm) : M2-M20,1/8-3/4 长度范围(毫米) : 3-300,1/2-12'
  • 非标螺栓

  • 屋面螺栓-3

    直径范围 (mm) : M5-M20,3/16-1" 长度范围(毫米) : 5-300,3/16-12"
  • 屋面螺栓-14

    直径范围 (mm) : M5-M20,3/16-1" 长度范围(毫米) : 5-300,3/16-12"
  • 沉头螺钉-2

  • 沉头螺钉-3

  • 圆柱头螺钉-8

  • 盘头螺钉-4

About Xinglong Fastener

Haiyan Xinglong Fastener Co., Ltd was established in 1994. It is a professional China OEM/ODM 圆头螺钉-9 Suppliers and a self-operated import and export enterprise approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade.It has invested a lot of money to introduce technology, equipment transformation, workshop expansion and factory environment construction. The company has more than 100 cold rutting machines and dozens of ancillary equipment, with a monthly output of 800-1000 tons and an annual output of about 10,000 tons. The company specializes in the production of various screws, 圆头螺钉-9 and bolts, among which DIN603, 84, 85,, 7985, 963, 965, 966, etc. are the main products. our 圆头螺钉-9 and other products are mainly sold to EU countries, and now it has also developed the Middle East, North and South America and some African countries.

A Mature Factory You Can Count On

To avoid undetected malfunctions, there will be 100 percent cosmetic and function inspections in every detail before delivery, so that all your requirements for the quality of your bags could be met.
In case you find any bag defects on your side, we are open to negotiation about solutions.

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